Welcome to @aquila

Each of our companies excels in adapting to market change and understanding how businesses and technologies engage with each other, with customers, and with information intelligence. Operating in more than 10 countries, @aquila's subsidiary companies consist of pioneers, pundits, and professionals with unrivaled relationships and expertise across multiple industries and disciplines. Open the doors to opportunity, higher efficiency and change.


About us

Doing Business

As global technology strategists, we have been able to bridge a number of strategic global partnerships and alliances with leading organizations which give us a unique advantage in crafting cutting edge solutions to meet the demands and unique requirements of our clients with the latest technological advances. anywhere in the world.

Mutual Trust and Respect

Many of the clients we work with will inevitably put us in a position of trust; giving us access to the most sensitive financial, proprietary and operational data of our clients. Diligently, we have earned their trust and we know that our partners share our same vision and approach to doing business and working with our clients and other partners.


@aquila Alliance Programs has been designed to create partnerships that deliver best-of-breed services with a wide knowledge of customer needs. @aquila has targeted and premiere vendors, consulting partners, management consultants, financial institutions and business process outsourcers in their respective industries to enhance its delivery capabilities to companies - regionally and vertically, as well as across application areas.